Looking for Virgin Train Delay compensation? You’ve probably been there at some point Standing on a station platform, idly, waiting for your train to take you to the destination you thought you might be better driving to until you thought about parking and traffic and all the hassle of finding the right street. You’ve got your ticket in your hand, you’ve got your snacks for the journey, you’re thinking about perhaps looking at holidays online on your laptop instead of doing that report your boss asked you to do before tomorrow. You look at your watch. Six minutes. You start thinking about edging your way up the platform a little bit, preparing to scan the carriages as the train pulls in to hunt down that table seat because you know that’s where the plug sockets are and you’ll be damned if you’re letting your phone die en route. You’re ready. You know the other passengers are thinking the same as you, but you’re focused. You’re getting that table seat. You are.

Then that dreaded bing bong echoes around the station and your ears prick up. That irritating voice floats across the platform, telling you the news you don’t want to hear. Your train is delayed by four minutes. Now you’re thinking there must be something up, because Virgin Train delays are relatively unheard of, right? Richard Branson doesn’t play games, he’s not in the business of shoddy service and so it’s probably nothing that can’t be sorted, right? You don’t worry. But then the bing bong pierces the air again. Your train is now delayed indefinitely, with no explanation. Now you’re worried.

Virgin Train delays are not really a rare occurrence, because there are some instances where a delayed train cannot be avoided, and Virgin Trains are not immune to these. No train company has a perfect service record as much as they try to claim that they do. Train delays are a massively prolific problem, and Virgin Train delays are a part of that problem. Virgin Trains are working hard to provide a spot on service for their customers but they still fall sort at times, and that’s where we come in. There’s no reason why customers who experience delays shouldn’t get their cashback straightaway, the same way the money was taken from their account straight away when they purchased their tickets. That’s what our revolutionary app does, gets you your cash back quicker than any other method of claiming. We’re the first in the UK to provide this too, making us pretty darn special.  Even all Richard Branson’s money can’t prevent delays to his rail services unfortunately, but here at Trains From Hell we can get your cash back for you quickly and fuss-free, so don’t delay (see what we did there?), download our app now from AppStore and make sure you’re armed and ready for your next train journey.