Life is full of little annoyances and there’s nothing more annoying than train delays, or even worse, cancellations. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that here in the UK, trains are regularly delayed and/or cancelled, much to the dismay of regular commuters.

Turning up late to work, a meeting or an appointment is something that thousands of British commuters have to put up with and one of the major contributors to this misery is Southern Rail.

Every train company can expect to experience some problems every now and again, but Southern Rail train delays have become so frequent it’s almost farcical.

You can’t scroll the internet without reading about the latest chaos caused by Southern train delays and whilst they may have legitimate reasons for trains being delayed or cancelled, it doesn’t help the people that are stranded on the platforms, in limbo.

One silver lining to the Southern delays is the ability to claim compensation for the total or partial cost of your ticket. The current rules are that you are entitled to compensation if your train is delayed by more than 30 minutes or indeed cancelled.

If you’re a commuter whose journey is regularly disrupted due to Southern Rail train delays, then we strongly suggest you take advantage of our Train Delay App. It allows you to take a picture of your ticket, upload it and get the compensation process started much quicker than the usual postal route.

Whether it’s bad weather, staff shortages or power outages, there’s no denying the poor standard of service that commuters are facing due to Southern train delays so it’s only fair that people are compensated for their troubles.

You can download our Train Delay app from the app store and use it to get your money back on all kinds of train delays including Virgin, First Transpennine, Cross Country and of course, Southern train delays.