We all know how annoying South Eastern train delays can be. They always seem to strike when we’re on our way to an important meeting, or desperately trying to get to the airport to make our flight on time- and that’s because the delays are always happening. Whether it’s the middle of summer or the depths of winter, you can always rely on South Eastern Rail to provide an excuse for their constant delays.

The problem is, the delays have become so frequent that rail bosses at South Eastern appear to have run out of excuses. The frightening thing is that this kind of service is not limited to South Eastern, as train companies throughout the country are constantly having to delay their trains and leave passengers sat cursing their luck on the platform. Sometimes we’re told that a tree has fallen on the track, then we’re told that lightning has struck the train, and then, guess what, the tree has fallen down again!

Here at Trains From Hell we say that enough is well and truly enough, and we shouldn’t be expected to just sit quietly while we are constantly subjected to annoying train delays. Whether the delays has caused you to miss a party, lose a business client or just made you miss out on lunch- they’re always bound to be incredibly inconvenient. There’s nothing worse than having to sit alone on the platform and watch everyone else get on their trains home.

But did you know that you could be owed compensation for delayed trains? That’s right, if you find yourself a victim of a South Eastern train delay, then you could be eligible for some money back! The only problem is, this is notoriously difficult to do through the channels provided by the rail companies, and a lot of people will actually give up on their claim due to the over-complicated procedure.

However, with the Trains From Hell app, claiming train delay compensation has never been easier! Available now in the app store, our app simplifies the compensation procedure, meaning that you can claim for any money that you are owed without the stress and hassle currently involved. All you have to do is take a picture of your ticket, enter your details and hit ‘submit’!

Unfortunately for all of us, constant train delays are probably going to be an issue that we’ll have to deal with forever, and so that’s why you need to go ahead and download our app- so that you’re well prepared for the next time there’s a South Eastern delay!