Have you been the victim of some irritating Northern Rail train delays and feel as though you might be owed compensation for your trouble? There’s nothing worse than being sat at a crowded, and yet incredibly cold, train station as you wait for a train that may never show up. We’ve all been there- sat on those freezing metal chairs as the noticeboard continues to add minutes to your train’s expected arrival time, twiddling our thumbs and cursing whoever is in charge of the rail schedule.

When it comes to explaining why Northern Rail train delays are so frequent, it seems that rail bosses are adamant to provide us with every excuse in the book. Whether it’s due to staff shortages, adverse weather conditions or a tree falling on the track, the reasons for the multiple daily train delays are never-ending. This means that more and more of us are being left stranded at train stations for hours at a time, due to the fact that the delays only become apparent once we’ve purchased a ticket.

It’s important to note that it’s not just Northern Rail that suffer extensive train delays, and this is an issue that has spread nationwide. This epidemic causes thousands of passengers a day to be late for work, miss appointments and events, and can seriously heighten the stress levels due to the uncertainty of whether you’ll be anywhere on time. What makes it all the worse is that you’re unsure as to how to claim any money back for your ticket.

But now claiming train delay compensation has never been easier, as all you need to do is head to the AppStore and download our app! Rail companies are notorious for making it difficult to claim your money back for any delays, and so our app is the perfect way to ensure that you are prepared for any delays in future.

The app itself is very simple: all you need to do is upload a picture of your tickets, fill in some info and then hit ‘submit.’ There are no complicated forms for you to navigate or any convoluted processes to actually receiving the refund, and the app is the simplest way for you to make sure you are claiming any compensation you might be owed.

Train delays will always be a problem that we have to deal with on a regular basis, however life certainly gets a lot simpler by downloading our app- you might still turn up a little late, but at least now you’ll have some extra cash in your pocket!