The UK rail services are turning into a bigger joke than chickens crossing roads, and train delays are becoming a guaranteed daily occurrence. There’s nothing worse than trying to get home after a hard day at work, only to arrive on the platform to hear the announcer tell you that you’re stuck exactly where you are- your train isn’t going to arrive anytime soon.
Train companies across the nation seem perfectly happy with giving us every excuse in the book- we’ve heard that trees have fallen on tracks, trains have broken down and, in one instance, even that the wrong kind of snow had fallen. London Midland Trains are one such rail company- and it simply isn’t fair for us to be expected to sit there and accept such poor service.
We’ve all been trapped in that dreaded situation: stranded on a train platform watching the sky grow darker as everybody else gets on their trains. It feels as though we’re never going to get home, and we can’t escape the feeling that we should take any excuses we are given for the delays with a pinch of salt. In other instances, thousands of workers are late for work on a daily basis, whilst other miss expensive events or family occasions- and all of it is due to constant London Midland train delays.
Here at Trains From Hell, we say we should no longer sit idly by and be expected to just accept the fact that our trains are always late. There’s not much we can do about that concert that you missed or the time you were late for your morning meeting, however we have developed a fantastic app that can help you claim some of your money back.
The current process for claiming train delay compensation is an inconvenient and long-winded procedure that most people don’t bother following through with it, and ultimately allow London Midland trains to get away with their constant delays. The Trains From Hell app gives you a simpler way to claim any money that you are owed, and allows you to submit a claim directly through your mobile device.
The app is currently available in the Apple app store and will be coming soon to Android, and is perfect for you if you are constantly experiencing train delays. All you have to do is to take a picture of your train ticket, upload it to the app, enter your details and hit ‘submit’. There’s no need for any printing or submission of complicated forms, and our app is designed to take the stress out of claiming train delay compensation.
Next time you experience London Midland train delays, you should make sure you are fully-prepared by installing our app. So get over to the app store now and arm yourself for the next time you travel!