The sight of a string of passengers stranded at a platform due to Greater Anglia train delays is an all too familiar one. Whether we spot the poor souls as our own train pulls in, or we, ourselves, are part of the stranded throng of people- you can’t help but feel sorry for anyone that is a victim of a train delay.

Greater Anglia Trains are notorious for their constant delays and terrible excuses, and there’s nothing worse than having your entire day planned ahead of you- only for an awful rail service to put those plans well and truly to bed. It doesn’t matter whether you’re late for the office or you miss your favourite TV show, the fact of the matter is that train delays cause a huge amount of irritation and inconvenience.

Greater Anglia and other train companies across the country also seem to make no hesitation with giving us a catalogue of unbelievable excuses. We’ve heard of inflatable clowns blocking the track, trees falling down and even a plastic sword holding up an entire service. When you compare this with other train services around the world, it’s clear to see that this is completely unacceptable.

The worst part about being the victim of a train delay is the fact that you feel as though there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. It’s not as if you can run down the railway track, find the train, and make it move any faster. If you’re travelling a long distance, then you also can’t consider any other mode of transport, as getting a taxi from Manchester to London is obviously going to cost a fair bit.

So what can you do in the face of such a relentless inconvenience? Well, here at Trains From Hell, we believe that rail passengers shouldn’t just accept the fact that their lives are constantly thrown into turmoil by Greater Anglia train delays. Although we might not be able to get your train to arrive any quicker, we have provided a simple solution to make you feel much better about this problem.

Our Trains From Hell app offers you a simplified way of claiming train delay compensation that you may be owed. This means that, if you experience a delayed train, then you can log onto our app, take a picture of your ticket and submit it to the relevant channels. This is a much easier alternative to the elongated compensation process put forward by Greater Anglia, and you need to get it downloaded so that you’re well prepared for further delays!

Well, what are you waiting for? Head over to the app store and get it downloaded now!