Constant train delays are perhaps one of the most annoying occurrences that can happen in this world. We are all growing tired of hearing the same old excuses from the various train companies across the country, and all we really want is a reliable rail service that will guarantee that we are getting places on time.
Unfortunately, this isn’t going to be the case any time soon as it seems that train delays are becoming more frequent by the day. Thousands of commuters are impacted on a daily basis by the constant delays- which ultimately are sending people to work in a bad mood and making them less productive or, more commonly, making them late.
This is a nationwide problem that most of us feel powerless against, and this is certainly the case with East Coast trains. Their train delays are becoming such a common occurrence that it’s almost laughable, and we all might as well turn up to the train station an hour later than the train is originally scheduled to arrive.
Countless people are being left stranded on platforms due to East Coast trains, all the while completely unaware of the fact that they may be eligible for some compensation. Well, our train compensation app means that it’s never been easier for you to claim any money back due to a delayed train service. All you have to do is take a quick picture of your train ticket and upload it into the app to make a claim for compensation!
Train companies never fail to give us an enormous catalogue of excuses whenever there is a delay to their service, so it’s lucky that it doesn’t matter whether a tree has fallen onto the track or an East Coast train has broken down- you could be owed compensation regardless of what has caused the delay.
Our app is available to download from the app store and allows you to claim compensation from a whole host of train companies- such as First Transpeninne, Virgin and East Coast train delays.