Ever experienced CrossCountry Train Delays or been sat waiting for a train that just keeps on getting later and later? You know what we mean, one minute it’s delayed by three minutes, next thing you know it’s delayed by seven minutes, then twelve, then forty-three, then it’s delayed indefinitely. What happens on that straight line of track to make a train arrive later and later? What’s in front of it crawling at a snail’s pace? It’s not like there’s a learner driver in front of it anxious to go above thirty mph. It’s really annoying and it’s a massive problem. You’re not the first person to have bought a ticket in good faith only to be stood waiting, gathering dust on a platform clutching your ticket in your hand like there’s no tomorrow, and you certainly won’t be the last. Delays across all the rail companies are widespread, and no company is exempt from this.

The thing is, we can’t help you get to where you need to be in the time you need to be there by – we’re not in the business of providing magic carpets – but we can however get you your cash back if you’ve experienced CrossCountry Trains delays. Simply download our app from AppStore and be armed the next time you travel. CrossCountry Trains are not perfect, no rail company is, and so you should ensure all your bases are covered no matter who you’re travelling with. What you should bear in mind too is that most rail companies make it incredibly difficult to claim your cash back by means of a convoluted claiming process and longwinded forms, but we take all that away from the situation and make it super simple for you. All you have to do is upload a picture of your tickets, fill in a few bits of information and you’re onto a winner. Our app makes it so easy and you’ll no longer be held ransom to CrossCountry Trains delays over your cash.

Train delays will always be an issue for commuters, and as much as we wish we could wave our magic wand and sort it all out once and for all we can’t, so our app is the next best thing. CrossCountry Train delays like any other train company delays will be an issue for a long time coming, so you’re best off making sure you download our app before you travel so you can get your cash back quickly and efficiently, ready to spend it how you like to cheer yourself up after your disastrous train journey!