3 Reasons British Trains Are Lousy

It’s common knowledge amongst the commuters, frequent users and once in a blue moon travellers that the British train services are abysmal at the best of times. Here at Trains From Hell, we understand the stress that comes with having to deal with less than satisfactory treatment on trains. In fact, we’ve put together our top 3 reasons British trains suck purely for your own amusement to help you deal with your latest train related disaster…

  1. Depending on your distance and how often you use them, travelling by train is one of the most expensive ways to travel in the UK. Not only did the fares increase by 2.3% right at the start of 2017, both Virgin trains and Great Western Trains have increased in price by a whopping 245% over the last 20 years!


  1. Most of the time, the train services are very cramped and many people have to resort to sitting on the floor for two hour long journeys. Commuters who board overcrowded services on a daily basis will understand the struggle of having to pay outrageous prices for a service that has you uncomfortably close to other members of the public. And let’s not even get into safety regulations regarding the capacity of the carriages and the amount of people who manage to fit inside.


  1. The train services in Britain are some of the most unreliable services out there and here at Trains From Hell, we are here with a helping hand every time a traveller suffers from a delayed or cancelled service. It’s unfair to say that the services are always late, however delays occur so often that the commuters affected deserve some kind of compensation in return.

That’s where we come in! Trains From Hell operate on a basis that anyone who suffered from a train delay that lasted 30 minutes or longer should be given train delay compensation. If you fit into that category, hold onto your ticket and contact us today to find out more information!

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