Derailed Somerset Train Causes Delays

It was announced on the 22nd March 2017 that trains in Devon will be delayed until the end of the week after a freight train derailed in Somerset. The 38 carriage train, which was carrying stone and ballast, had 7 carriages derail the previous evening, causing commuters to prepare for 48 hours’ worth or travel chaos.

The line between Castle Cary and Westbury have been blocked due to the freight train and though nobody was injured during the incident, the situation caused major damage to the tracks and railway as split stone and sand had been scattered across the tracks, making them unsuitable for services to travel over. In fact, some lines even had to be cancelled completely.

The National Rail warned commuters that the tracks were expected to remain un-useable for the next 48 hours at a minimum. They later updated this to announce that in order to prepare to remove the derailed freight train from the line, further lines had to be closed.
Until the line completely reopens on the 25th of March, high speed services which are travelling between London Paddington and Exeter St David’s, Paignton, Plymouth and Penzance via Westbury are set to be diverted away from the area by travelling through Bristol Temple Meads instead. In addition to this, buses will be put in operation on some routes where the stations will not be served by trains. A Network Rail spokesman said that they are working with South West trains in order to try and limit the expected disruptions over the following 48 hours after the incident.

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