How to Successfully Ride Public Transport

Public transport can be a nightmare. It is busy, loud and let’s not even talk about the delays. Here at Trains From Hell, we’re going to provide you with a guide on how to successfully travel using public transport- particularly trains…

  • Make sure you know your schedule. There is nothing worse than missing your train than perhaps missing it by seconds. When using public transport, you should be able to recall the time that your train is due to arrive at the platform. That way, if there are any delays, you are not to blame.


  • Headphones are a must have item if you aren’t able to keep busy on long journeys. Not only can trains be late turning up, they can be late arriving at your destination which means that your 20 minute journey may end up taking 45 minutes. In these situation, headphones and a smartphone can keep you occupied for hours.


  • Be wary of people who may need a seat more than you. Being the person who is able bodied and keeping a seat from a pregnant lady or elderly man is one of the most selfish characteristics of many public transport commuters. If you encounter such an individual and you know you can cope without that seat, be respectful and give it up.

Here at Trains From Hell, we understand how much of a nightmare delayed trains and other means of public transport can be. That’s why our guide aims to keep you sane in the midst of these shocking services. On the other hand, if you have recently waited for a delayed train for 30 minutes or longer, you could be owed train delay compensation. Get in contact today to find out more information.

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