Northern Strike Causes Rail Chaos

Unless you’ve been living on another planet for the past few weeks, you’re bound to have noticed that recent rail strikes have taken place across the country. The strikes were the latest in a string of disputes involving Southern Rail, however this time they were joined by their counterparts at the Northern and Merseyrail networks, and it’s fair to say that chaos ensued.

The disputes have come about due to apparent issues with staffing, whilst many protestors are solidly against the prospect of trains travelling with just a driver on board, as journeys are much safer when a conductor is also present.

The 24 hour-strike across the networks naturally led to feelings of frustration from many commuters, as they were simply left with no way to get to work. Some services were still running and many lines were left open for the day, however trains simply weren’t stopping at some stations, which led to many passengers being stranded on their respective platforms.

As one of the largest rail companies around, any strike action taken by Northern Rail was bound to have widespread repercussions. Commuters from Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds were left infuriated as only 40% of trains ended up running in the North of England, while others seemed to support the strike action as they disagree with the running of driver-only trains.

Many commuters understandably took to social media to vent their frustration, with many people being forced to work from home while others were forced to waste a holiday. On the other side, some people were understandably thrilled to have the chance to take the day off, because it just so happened that the strike fell on the first really sunny day of 2017!

These strikes are just the latest instalment of what is becoming a laughable service provided by rail companies across the county. If you’ve been affected by the strikes or by any other recent train delays, then get downloading our Trains From Hell compensation app to get some money back!

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