Wall Collapse Causes Severe Delays

There is nothing worse than your train being delayed, unless of course, you count missing your train by a few seconds.  Londoners and tourists who were travelling towards the north on the 1st of March 2017 were told of major disruptions to services after a wall had collapsed onto the track, blocking all trains from heading in and out of Liverpool Lime Street Station.

The station which became increasingly busy after the incident was expected to remain shut for several days, meaning that not only would passengers suffer delays on the day of the collapse, but also for many days afterwards. In fact, London travel services warned passengers to re-plan their journey’s and take alternative routes.

After a section of wall fell between Lime Street and Edge Hill, the four rail lines were left covered in rubble which posed a risk to track staff, passengers and train staff.  A statement from the Network Rail updated on the day of the incident stated ‘No trains are running in or out of Liverpool Lime Street Station after a section of trackside wall loaded with concrete collapsed, taking overhead wires with it’. It was said that extensive repairs were needed in order to make the track safe for commuter use again.

Here at Trains From Hell, we understand how stressful it can be to be told your train has been delayed for a lengthy amount of time, especially when it leaves you stranded hours away from where you live. If you were caught up in the wall collapse train delays, get in contact today to find out if you could be owed train delay compensation!

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