Top Southern Rail Train Delay Excuses

From regular staff striking to corruptive weather, Southern Rail train passengers never seem to be short of a reason to complain about the service they receive.  In fact, once the delays were so bad that over half of its services were stopped for five days! Here are the most craziest excuses for train delays that Southern Rail have ever given to the general public…

  1. Leaf clearing train breaks down

Giving the service the benefit of the doubt, we must understand that leaves cause potential safety hazards when they are left on the tracks and able to stick, especially during winter when plummeting weather temperatures causes ice to form. Leaf clearing machines are put in place in order to clear these leaves and prevent trains from being delayed.  Despite this intervention far too often commuters are told that the reason they are waiting is because the very machine itself has broken down!

  1. Rapper on the track

One of the most bizarre reasons for train delays occurred during November 2016 when a man who wasn’t wearing a shirt blocked the rail tracks in order to use them for some kind of audition. The incident, which occurred at Norwood Junction station, blocked all Southern Rail trains from entering and leaving the station as the man refused to return to the platform.  It was later revealed that he wanted to be on YouTube.

Here at Trains From Hell, we understand all too well how frustrating train delays can be, especially when the reasons released are so bizarre it’s hard to believe they are genuine. If you have been involved in Southern Trains train delays, get in contact today to find out how to claim your ticket cost back!

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