Dog Causes Train Delays in Merseyside

On the 27th February, a dog was the unusual cause of a series of train delays in Birkenhead after jumping onto the tracks of Bidston station. Occurring during the morning rush, the furry four legged friend was reported to have been ‘jumping around’ the station and switching between the platform and track excitedly.

The commuters who were travelling on the services described the dog as a stray although its breed was never confirmed. The young and lively pup caused delays which lasted for at least 18 minutes amidst the morning rush just after 8am between Birkenhead on the West Kirby line at Bidston Station.

Here at Trains From Hell, we’ve heard it all when it comes to train delays. From too much sunlight to leaves on the tracks, there should be no reason that will surprise us. After all, we have even written a blog covering the mischievous antics of a duck causing train delays- however a dog is a first for us!

It was not reported whether the dog, which was presumed to be a stray, was collect by its owners or taken into care by the RSPCA however the Merseyrail twitter sent out a tweet shortly before 8.30pm that said ‘Service are now on the move at Bidston, following a dog being loose on the line earlier. Dog is safe and well’ which suggests the animal was well looked after regardless.

Here at Trains From Hell, obscure reasons for train delays are our speciality! If your train was delayed for 30 minutes or longer, get in contact today to claim your ticket cost back!

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