Storm Doris Delays

Though we were warned in advance how intense Storm Doris was going to be, much of the UK seemed very unprepared for the damage and delays that would take place following her wrath. Wreaking havoc across the country, many rail services had to be delays or cancelled throughout the day meaning that disruptions were a 24 hour affair for many commuters and travellers.

At 10am on the 23rd February, the National Rail announced on their twitter that a tree had fallen victim to Storm Doris, tweeting “#StormDoris – A tree block the railway between Reading and Wokingham is causing delays of up to 45 minutes. This is expected until 11.30”.

There were many train services said to be affected by the delays caused by the tree on the tracks- however the most affected was London Midlands. In true British style many of the affected passengers took to social media to voice their upset at the amount of services affected, with one user stating “this storm… Got on train at 11… Hour delay then had to get off at Crewe, now standstill on motorway on coach, 2 hour 2 go

Storm Doris caused many traffic, rail and flight related delays as well as many pedestrian injuries and accidents. For example, in Cambridgeshire a  double decker bus was topped on its side leaving 11 people injured whilst the M80 in Scotland was closed in both directions after heavy delays. Unfortunately, reports also stated how a woman died from serious head injuries after debris fell onto a street.

Here at Trains From Hell, we understand how distressing train delays can be, even when drastic weather is the cause! If you was caught in the London Midland train delay caused by the fallen tree, get in contact to claim your ticket price back. Just remember, many services were given a speed restriction for your own safety so go easy on the rail services and staff!

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