Horrific Hold-up: Microwave Oven Delays

Who would have thought that something as simple as a microwave oven could mess up the train services of London on a Friday evening? On the 17th February, passengers in the south of the city had to deal with the aftermath of just that following statement posted on the train service’s company website which read ‘Owing to a microwave oven on the track, the line through platform five at South Croydon is blocked. This also means that no trains can run between Sanderstead and East Croydon’.

As expected, the angry and bemused commuters took to social media to voice their frustration. One user tweeted “Stuck at Croydon. ‘Microwave oven on the line’ Wow! A step up from leaves, I guess. #SouthernRailUK” whilst another was shocked at the lack of coverage on the microwave mayhem and tweeted ‘Lots of tweets about Southern’s unending strikes. Nothing about the microwave thrown on the track that’s stopped movement south of Croydon.

Passengers were faced with the backlash of several delays shortly after 9pm and told that their rail tickets would be accepted on all London buses between Purley and Croydon, as well as route 403.

It is thought that the microwave oven made its way onto the tracks after an act of vandalism where a passer-by had thrown the object into the path of train services. Plus, the rumours before all of the facts were released told readers how the microwave had caused the lines to short circuit- however it was revealed that the power to neighbouring lines had to be intentionally turned off to ensure the safety of the people removing the obstruction.

Here at Trains From Hell, we think that the reasons for train delays are becoming more and more absurd! If you were held up due to the inconvenient microwave on Friday, get in contact today and claim back your ticket cost!

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