Cross Country Standstill

It is safe to stay that the start of 2017 has been a bit of a rollercoaster, and we aren’t even two months in! The crazy scenarios follow suit with train passengers threatening violent behaviour at the start of February after been trapped on a Cross Country train service for more than four hours!

The lengthy delays came about after signalling work that occurred between Wakefield Westgate and Sheffield led to chaos on the seemingly quiet Sunday afternoon.

One 18 year old  who was travelling from Leeds to Sheffield was due to arrive at 6pm, but did not reach her target destination until almost five hours later at 10.40pm. She explained how the train service was very overcrowded, which led to many passengers becoming frustrated.

The delays began as soon as the train left the station as an announcement was reported to have said the service would be delayed by 30 minutes- however one hour later, another announcement mentioned a signal failure, leaving passengers unsure when the service would resume moving.

The young adult, who was planning to visit family in Norfolk Park added “There was an announcement every 10 minutes apologising for the delay but they didn’t tell us anything. People began threatening to pull the emergency alarm to open the doors and walk or smash the windows for fresh air”.

Fellow passengers on the delayed service included young children, pensioners and even a heavily pregnant women. After three hours, it was reported that drinks were beginning to run out on the service. In fact, many commuters opted to sit on the floor because there were no seats available due to overcrowding.

To make matters worse, once the service began moving after four hours, the passengers were forced to also wait for a replacement driver at Rotherham Central because the current one had passed their working hours.

Here at Trains From Hell, we can imagine how frustrating this situation was for all the passengers involved! Have you faced severe Cross Country Train Delays such as these? Get in contact today to claim your entitlement to compensation!

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