Train Ablaze in London

Just before 1pm on Wednesday 25th January, a Southeastern train pulled into Kidbrooke station on fire after smoke was seen billowing from a carriage upon its arrival. The incident sparked outrage on social media and many commuters who were waiting on the platform have posted videos and images of the fire. One user posted two videos of the small fire before it was put out with the caption “Southeastern is delayed again the explosion was mental”.

It is said that emergency services were called to the London based station shortly after midday and were successful in extinguishing the blaze in the front carriage of the train service whilst onlookers watched and were eventually removed from the scene.

Due to the nature of the incident, the Southeastern train blocked the London-bound Bexleyheath line and a spokesperson for the train company announced that the services along the line, including many Southeastern trains, were expected to be disrupted until at least 2.30pm. The informant also added that “a small fire occurred underneath the drivers cab on the 11.47am services from Kidbrooke to London Cannon Street. As soon as the driver was aware of this, he made an announcement to passengers and had them evacuate immediately at Kidbrooke station”.

Network engineers worked hard to have the train removed from the line in order to allow services to run through the station again and any rail passengers were advised to opt for London bus routes as an alternative in the meantime.

Although it appears that Southeastern reacted promptly to the issue at hand and helped to ensure the safety of staff and passengers alike, many passengers who suffered from the Southeastern train delays are entitled to claim train delay compensation. Get in contact today to find out how!

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