Swapping Rail for Road

Last December, it seemed that whether Southern Trains opted for the railway or the roads, they were always causing delays. In the evening of December 22nd 2016, a lorry carrying the train carriage became stuck at a junction in Crystal Palace, South-East London, and caused several delays for busy commuters travelling on the road and public services.

The carriage became wedged after the lorry driver attempted to turn a rather tight corner, holding up traffic for over one hour and causing a backlash of delays on public services such as buses and, ironically, train routes.

The incident occurred at around 6.20pm on a Wednesday evening and was witnessed by many workers and passer-by’s. A young man who was working in a bar opposite the junction said that he went outside to inspect the commotion after he heard car horns and people shouting. He said “I think the truck taking it [the rail carriage] had taken the wrong route and it had completely jammed itself on top of the crossroads”.

According to other witnesses, the commuters on the pavements found the incident very amusing and, shockingly, even the truck drivers who had caused the problem were rather entertained by their mistake as they attempted to navigate a way out of the situation.

It was difficult to miss the irony of the incident where a Southern Rail train managed to cause delays after a ban on overtime by drivers on Southern Rail was recently issued. This ban had been causing delays, cancellations and chaos ever since its start. It is said that onlookers erupted with applause when the truck managed to complete the turning.

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