Slow Swan Causes Train Delays

On the 13th of January, commuters travelling from Teddington to Kingston were left puzzled after they faced train delays due to the most absurd reason ever. The cause of these delays was, in fact, a swan which appeared to have taken a shine to the railway track and refused to vacate the front of the train. This meant that the journey couldn’t continue at top speed. The train was then forced to crawl at 2mph for approximately 2 miles whilst the stubborn bird waddled its way down the tracks.

Commuters travelling along the line happened to find the cause of the delay amusing, where one passenger tweeted to a popular Twitter handle “@SoVeryBritish announcement from train drive that there is a delay due to ‘swan on the line’ If that’s not a British Problem!”, comparing the idea of a swan holding up travellers as a typically odd British occurrence. In addition to this, another twitter user posted that the “haughty swan cares little for your train delay, pesky humans”, proving once and for all that swans are in charge of our rail lines!

A video emerged not long afterwards of the bird waddling down the track with the train following behind very slowly. The train company then announced on twitter that the swan was ‘very sorry for causing the delays’- alongside a photograph.

Here at Trains From Hell, we think that this is the most relaxed incident of train delays we have ever seen where commuters and staff alike were amused by the trouble-causing swan and his antics! The delays are said to have lasted throughout the morning rush hour and the swan was said to have been removed from the tracks at 10.30am.

Have you ever faced train delays due to awkward animals on the track line? If you were delayed by 30 minutes or longer, get in contact with Trains From Hell and find out how to claim your ticket price back today!

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