Waterloo Travel Chaos As Snow Hits Central London

On the evening of January 12th, Waterloo station in central London was said to have become ‘dangerous and chaotic’ after passengers were squished like sardines. As snow fell on the capital during the evening rush, part of the London underground had to be evacuated due to flooding; sparking lots of frustration, confusion and a lack of patience amongst commuters. To top off this series of disasters, the central line was also hit with severe delays following a faulty train, leading to closures between Bank and Oxford Circus Tube stations.

And tube closures mean one thing… commuters opt for the already overcrowded and delayed train services as an alternative. Of course, nobody can blame them. We all want to get home just as much as one another, however the cancellations and delays of these South West services were like none ever seen before.

Dramatic images have shown up on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook depicting the Waterloo stations as shockingly overcrowded. In fact, there are so many people in the station, it resembles the crowd of a concert more than the crowd of severely delayed train passengers.

One commuter announced that the services were so delayed and so busy that she had to meet a friend for lunch in the city centre until the rush had bypassed whereas another traveller is said to have told local news that “pretty much every train was delayed or cancelled and only one or two trains were boarding”.

The situation turned dangerous when a charity worker stated that the overcrowding at the top of the escalators meant individuals using them had nowhere to go when they reached the top. With people behind them, the situation became chaotic- thankfully nobody was hurt.

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