Gloucestershire Train Delays due to Rail Boulder

It may be the start of a new year, however it is not the start of a new transport system which means that the first two weeks of 2017 have been filled with delays, strikes and cancelled services. On the 9th of January, many passengers found it difficult to navigate themselves to Gloucestershire following delays on many lines after a large boulder found its way onto the track.

A landslide meant that many train services operating between Swindon and Gloucester had to be suspended, thanks to the giant boulder situated on the track near Kemble.

Due to the incident, Great Western Railway Trains had to be diverted via Bristol Parkway and replacement bus services were put in place to support the commuters who were enduring the delays. Tickets were also being accepted on many Cross Country trains. Despite this, passengers were not impressed by the days, with one traveller taking a picture of the incident and posting it to social media with the comment “If anyone is finding it difficult getting the train between Cheltenham and London this morning, this is why!

Following the line closures, services were resumed on other lines several hours later whilst the boulder remained, however the services which were resumed faced further delays after speed restrictions were put in place to keep passengers and staff safe.

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