Commuter Rage as Fare Prices Increase

As we all said “Happy New Year” at the start of 2017, little did we that looming rail fare price increases would hit commuters just days later. It has been reported that across the UK, increases of 2.3% were introduced on the first week of the brand new year.

After months of widespread rail striking, many campaigners have claimed that this increase was a ‘kick in the teeth’ for passengers. The tickets affected by these increases included season tickets and off-peak tickets.

According to a BBC transport correspondent, rail fares have increased by 25% since the mid 1990’s. In fact, some have risen by a shocking 40% in the past decade- and these stats come after room is allowed for inflation. Reports that the governments have been changing the rail bill paid for by the commuters, which was previously 50%, but today is 70%.

There are some positives, which include taxpayers who don’t use trains paying less to allow them to continue running, however it seems commuters who do use the services have the government ministers to thank for the steady increase in their rail prices.

In 2016, many of these commuters faced delayed, less frequent and crowded services and are expected to pay more for this service without any of these factors being addressed or improved; causing many commuters to strike outside rail stations or take to social media to voice their frustration.

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