2017: The Year Scorpions Used Public Transport

If you’re looking for a wacky way to start the year, perhaps you should have been aboard this Virgin train travelling from London to Edinburgh where a scorpion became loose on the service and was seen scurrying on the floors of one of the carriages!

It is said that the pet arachnid was being transported by a fellow commuter in an ice cream container and had escaped from his temporary enclosure on the East Coast service. Other rail passengers have since stated that they do not know why the woman had the scorpion with her in the first place.

The service itself was held up at Peterborough station after transport police boarded to assess the situation. In fact, further amusement followed after a British Journalist, Harry Horton, began live tweeting the incident on Twitter. It is claimed that Horton and about 20 other passengers had to evacuate their carriage and, following this, a guard asked if there were any vets on the service to help assist the police.

Eventually, the runaway scorpion was returned to the container, where the female owner was told she had to either evacuate the service at Peterborough with the scorpion or hand it over to the police. Seemingly in a rush, the woman gave up the predator and continued her journey to Newark-on-Trent.

For those interested in the safety of the critter, the scorpion was taken to an exotic rescue centre in Peterborough and is in good hands. What an interesting start to 2017!

Hopefully you haven’t faced any delays due to escaped arachnids on train services however Virgin Train delays are known for being rather obscure! Get in contact with Trains from Hell today if you’ve faced delays on this service and you could claim your ticket fare back!

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