Top 10 Fastest Trains in the World Part 2

If only our trains were as fast and as punctual as these 5 trains in the last part of our two part blog series…

  1. Eurostar e320 and TGV, 200 mph

This train is named for its top speed which hits 320 km per hour, or 200 mph, and is in fact the first tip to tail redesign of a Eurostar train within the 22 years the company has been active. It cuts 15 minutes off the already 2 hour long trip between Brussels, Paris and London. In fact, the Eurostar delivers passengers into the centre of every city from $70 one way.

  1. Hayabusa Shinkansen E5, 200 mph

This year, Japan is celebrating the 52nd of high speed train travel after the first train launched back in  1964 and cuts a 7 hour train journey down to four between its two major cities.

  1. Thalys, 186 mph

This train connects Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris via multiple daily services. In fact, the Thalys is Europe’s most important train line.

  1. Hokuriku Shinkansen E7, 161 mph

Amazingly, the tickets for the inaugural run of this train back in March of 2015 sold out in 25 seconds. It is no surprise when you find out that the train actually cuts a four hour connecting journey down to two hours on one single train.

  1. Amtrak Acela Express, 150 mph

This is America’s current player in the world of high speed trains and the Amtrak Acela, which was debuted in 2000, hasn’t changed considerably in the last 16 years apart from the addition of free on board Wi-Fi.

We think that our favourite UK services such as Virgin should take a note out of these train lines book. Perhaps then we wouldn’t face so many Virgin train delays if this happened. Have you travelled on any one of the 10 fastest trains in the world? Let us know!

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