Foggy Delays

This was the weekend before Christmas and much of the UK was covered by a thick layer of fog. As a result, thousands of trains were delayed across Britain in the early hours of the morning on Saturday 17th December.

The delays, which were implemented due to heavy fog were expected to last until the afternoon of Sunday. Unfortunately, these predictions were correct. Many social media users tweeted their concerns and frustration at the conditions, with one user sending out “@Se3_Railway Your driver on delayed 11.21 train from Crayford just announced that the delay is down to ‘weather conditions’. Seriously?!!”

The delays ranged from the north in Glasgow with several flights also being cancelled there down to the south in the London centre itself with many tourists photographing Big Ben and posting that the famous clock tower was hardly visible in the foggy conditions.

A representative of a train line company stated that the foggy conditions which the UK faced could have reduced the speed in which the drivers were able travel at as a reason for the severe delays. Many people think that these delays could have been made worse with the amount of people who would be travelling along public transport services, especially trains, in order to complete last minute Christmas shopping.

Here at Trains From Hell, we understand how frustrating train delays can be, especially when they occur due to uncontrollable conditions, such has the weather. If you were caught up in the pre-Christmas delays, get in contact today!

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