Southern Rail 48-Hour Chaos

Over the past two weeks, commuters using the Southern Trains service have faced horrendous delays following train drivers taking part in a number of strikes. In fact, the most recent strike is a 48-hour walk out, which has caused chaos for commuters.

It has been reported that at midnight, members of the Aslef union walked out for a two day period. Following this, another 24 hour strike is planned to take place on Friday. The statistics show that roughly 300,000 passengers travel on the 2,232 services that Southern Trains offer on every weekday. These staggering figures come as a shock following the announcement that no trains will be operating on any of the routes, meaning that people have been advised not to travel at all.

Due to these delays, which are affecting much of the general public, the government have said that it may be considering banning the staff’s right to strike on the railways. Plus, on the social networking site Twitter, many commuters have been voicing their frustration at this chaos with the hashtag #southernstrikes. One user states “@ASLEFunion @RMTunion thanks to your standard petty squabbling I’m going to have an 11 hour commute over the next 2 days” followed by the hashtag above.

Reports have stated that the strike comes following a dispute about who should open and close the train doors. In addition to this crisis, the rail line have also faced staff shortages, sickness, signal failures and a ban on staff’s ability to take overtime.

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