Potential Reasons for Train Delays During Christmas

Train delays are bad enough during the rest of the year but during the Christmas period they can be a nightmare. Here are a few of the reasons why we may encounter train delays throughout the festive months…

Weather: Most of the time, Christmas brings bad weather. We’re talking snow, ice, rain and wind. Plus, as much as we don’t like to admit it, going ahead with train services in these conditions can be potentially dangerous to both staff and passengers. On the other hand, delays due to the weather where services are not cancelled are very common- which can be frustrating for commuters.

Busy: As Christmas creeps closer, everybody who celebrates the holidays seems to realise that they aren’t as prepared as they thought they were. This means that the shopping centres become crowded and with a snowball effect, public transport becomes busier than usual. Train delays due to overcrowding are a part of everyday life- however, during the Christmas period, they become much more frequent.

Strikes: It is very common for train line staff and workers to plan strikes close to the Christmas holidays, meaning that services have to be cancelled or face horrendous delays. Most of the time, holiday strikes are due to unfair working hours for staff.

Here at Trains From Hell, we understand how frustrating train delays can be for passengers, especially during the Christmas period when everyone wants to be back home as soon as they’ve walked out the door. If your train was delayed by 30 minutes or more this Christmas, you could be owed train delay compensation. Get in contact today to find out more!

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