Top 10 Fastest Trains in the World Part 1

Although we experience train delays on a daily basis here at Trains From Hell, that doesn’t mean that the whole world always does! Here is part one of our two part blog series on the fastest train services around the world…

  1. Shanghai Maglev, 267 mph

As the world’s fastest train, it is surprising to know that this isn’t the shiniest, newest or most expensive service. The maglev charges only $8 per person for each ride and runs between Shanghai’s Pudong  Airport and the Longyang metro station. That’s a total of 19 miles in just 7 minutes!

  1. Harmony CRH38OA, 246 mph

In 2nd place, Shanghai wins again as the Harmony is the world’s fastest non-maglev train. It is renowned for connecting Shanghai with Nanjing since 2010.

  1. Trenitalia Frecciarossa 1000, 220 mph

As Europe’s fastest train and the world’s 3rd fastest, this Italian service is able to take passengers from Milan to Florence or Rome in under an impressive three hours. Its construction is just as impressive as it is made from almost 100% renewable materials.

  1. Renfe AVE, 217 mph

This is Spain’s fastest train which is used for long distance travel between its major cities and beyond. In fact, travel between Barcelona and Paris can be achieved in under 6 hours!

  1. Deutsche Bahn ICE, 205 mph

This train is distinctly futuristic and is impressively good looking as it speeds through the German countryside. Similar to number 4, this trains service is another fast design which fits through the Channel Tunnel.

Maybe the UK services should take a leaf out of these companies books and perhaps we won’t face such awful train delays every day! If you’ve ever faced delayed trains services for 30 minutes or longer, get in contact with Train From Hell today and you could claim your ticket money back!

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