Black Friday Train Shortages

Black Friday Train Shortages

During the morning rush of Friday 25th November 2016, coincidentally occurring on the same day as American (and apparently UK Holiday) Black Friday, commuters travelling via the London underground service faced outrageous delays deemed by passengers as ‘appalling’.

The cause was supposedly due to a shortage of trains where it was reported that tube trains between Acton Town and Uxbridge were cancelled. In fact, claims said that 40 out the 79 services on the Piccadilly lines were out of service. Due to this backlash, sever delays hit the rest of the lines, including the fourth busiest line within the whole underground service, leaving many commuters stranded on the platforms and unable to get into work.

This wasn’t the only disaster of the week. In fact, passengers repeatedly face travel misery on the underground. Just the night before on Thursday the 24th, passengers were unable to travel home due to cancellations and chaos.

Many commuters have voiced their concerns and frustration at the services, pleading with London Mayor Sadiq Khan to ‘sort it out’. Another user said “Shocking Piccadilly Line again. Service part suspended due to lack of trains. Mayor of London are you watching this?” whilst one stated “Third day in a row of terrible service on Piccadilly Line due to a ‘shortage of trains’. Where did they all go?

In fact, many commuters seem rather confused and bewildered at the apparent lack of co-ordination between the announcement of delays with one commuter tweeting “No trains, I thought this was a railway? What on earth is going on

Here at Trains From Hell, we think that the underground suffers from delays just as bad as long distance train delays. In fact, if you have suffered outrageous long distance train delays similar to the ones Londoners using the underground faced on Black Friday, you could be owed train delay compensation. Get in contact today to find out more!

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