Coffee to go?

If you regularly board a train in the United Kingdom, whether it be for work related travel or visiting friends and family, it is likely that you have encountered a rainy window blocking your view and, of course, delays. In fact, one commuter in September 2016 tweeted Virgin Trains the contents of their journey with a heap of the upmost sarcasm.

He stated ‘@VirginTrains I know you like your photos at Virgin so here’s the bush outside Watford I’ve viewed for 45 mins’ alongside an image of the bush.

The torrential rain and thunderstorms we were bombarded with at the start of September saw a months’ worth of rain fall within a few hours, leading to subsequent flooding. This caused major disruptions to the rail network in the south of the city due to the landslides. Widely unreported, these landslides lead to the delays encountered by the above passenger.

Despite these unavoidable and naturally caused delays, spare a thought for the commuters who faced delays following reports of a worker getting their hand stuck in a coffee machine. Yes, those on board Virgin Trains from Rugby to London endured just that. As if the embarrassment of getting your hand stuck in a coffee machine isn’t bad enough, fellow employees were unable to help, meaning that the fire department had to be called.

The crew used hydraulic cutting equipment in order to release the male employee from their machinery nightmare. Due to lacerations on the casualty’s hand, an ambulance was also requested.

We’re used to train delays due to the weather conditions yet coffee is a new one, even for us at Trains From Hell! Were you hit with Virgin Train Delays due to a coffee machine? Just like other commuters, you can claim back your train fare for the inconvenience. Get in touch to find out how!

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