Low-Bridge vs High Lorry

Low-Bridge vs High Lorry

Just after lunch on the 15th November, the driver of a HGV lorry went toe to toe with a bridge that was too low for his vehicle to fit under. As a result, the lorry became jammed between the bridge, which is located near Mancetter. Unfortunately, the drivers decision of stupidity resulted in severe delays not only for motorists but also for train passengers as the bridge in question was part of a railway line taking passengers across in both directions.

The incident took place at the junction of Atherstone Road and Nuneaton Road which is closed to Dobbies garden centre in the village on Mancetter. Unfortunately, the garden centre in question isn’t named after the beloved Harry Potter house elf which may have softened the blow of the delays which followed.

It was reported that the stranded HGV caused the bridge to move as the driver attempted to force the vehicle through despite a large sign above the bridge stating that it was too low for vehicles of a certain height. Due to the rumours that the bridge moved, trains originally travelling over the bridge have been delayed by at least 30 minutes between Tamworth and Rugby.

In addition to this, police have had to close the road in which the incident took place in both directions. Safety measures have been put in place in order to direct any approaching traffic in different directions until the appropriate action is performed to remove the HGV.

The National Rail added that the services affected included London Midland and that the delays commuters travelling on this line were facing were expected to last until the early afternoon.

A tweet following the incident was posted by the Warwickshire Operational Patrol Unit and stated “Road closed for some time. Seek alternative routes. Lorry has actually moved bridge!” Thankfully, nobody was injured during the incident despite an ambulance being called for the lorry driver as a precaution.

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