Halloween Train Delays

During Halloween of 2016, trains between Bristol Temple Meads and Bristol Parkway were cancelled after a CrossCountry train broke down at roughly 2.30pm. The break down caused long and tiring delays for thousands of commuters.

We understand the inconvenience of public transport delays, especially on holidays such as Halloween. The last thing commuters want is to lounge around waiting for trains when the children are starting to trick-or-treat. After all, Halloween is practically an excuse to eat staggering amounts of candy and include none of the calories. Instead, these commuters are train spotting until their desired ride home finally turns up.

A spokesman for the national rail refused to comment on the disruption and it was said that all train service, including Great Western Railway’s, were affected. Here at Trains From Hell, we don’t know which is worse; waiting for the CrossCountry train which broke down or waiting for one of the delayed trains as a result.

At the time of the published incident, engineers were at the site in Stapleton Road to assess the damage to the train and move it along. Following reports said that the train was thought to have suffered an unintentional separation.

The services which were affected included CrossCountry services between Plymouth and Edinburgh and Great Western Railways between Western-super-Mare and Bristol Parkway. CrossCountry have announced that they expected the delays to last until at least 4pm, which made the full delays roughly 2 hours long.

Despite the delays, National Rail announced that tricks could be used on numerous First buses. Here at Trains From Hell however, we feel that CrossCountry Train Delays deserve your money back. If you were involved in delays which were 30 minutes or longer, get in contact to find out how you can claim compensation!

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