Train Restraining Order

Train Restraining Order

In October of 2016, a 23-year-old from Preston failed to overturn a restraining order after he was prosecuted following outrageous behaviour towards staff on a delayed Virgin train service. Passengers were delayed following two suicides during the service, causing the train to be rerouted twice.

Last year, the young man was convicted of threatening behaviour towards staff during the midst of the above delays, however he managed to successfully appeal the conviction. Despite this, the courts took an unusual step of allowing a restraining order against the member of staff who endured the abuse to remain. With this, Virgin Trains have banned the gentleman from all Virgin stations.

After this, he returned to the courts to have the restraining order overturned, claiming that Virgin Trains were using it as a ‘punitive’ or punishment measure. He also claimed that the order was affecting his ability to travel long and short distances to see family, friends and attend his studies.

It was heard during a previous court hearing that the 23-year-old male followed the member of staff in question into the catering area of the train carriages accusing her of being racist after all staff began handing out free refreshments to other passengers due to the delays.

The train was unfortunately delayed due to a suicide on one line and another suicide along the diverted line amongst the same route. Thus, the service did not arrive in Preston until 2.15am the next day.

It is reported that since Virgin Trains took it upon themselves to forbid his entry into Virgin Stations, the magistrates had no jurisdiction over the issue, thus his case was overturned.

Have you undergone Virgin Train Delays before? If so, here at Trains From Hell, we say you could be owed your money back! We hope the delay was under different circumstances than those above however! Remember, treat staff with respect during delays or you could end up in the same situation as the gentlemen above!

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