Make Your Complaining Count

Make Your Complaining Count

In a world and society which is fuelled by the use of social media and technology, it’s only natural that we feel a public rant is necessary from time to time. Especially when we encounter train delays. In fact, did you know that there are roughly 2.3 million worldwide social media users? That’s 2.3 million people who could be facing a train delay and doing nothing about it.

Here at Train from Hell, we say it’s time to put a stop to this…

Sure, that Facebook update will get you a bucket full of likes and let your nearest and dearest know your every move, something parents whose children are flying the nest or leaving for university will appreciate, but will it get you your money back?

Yes, having a deliberately loud conversation with a fellow unamused commuter is sure to rally up support from others suffering from the same delay, and you’re sure to make a bunch of new acquaintances but will it get you your money back?

And finally, waiting all day to eagerly tell the family about the horrendous journey home like something out of a picture book you would read to your children is certain to make for interesting tea-time talk in the evening- but will it get you your money back?

Trains from Hell believe that if you suffered train delays up to 30 minutes or more, you could be owed your money back. We’re not telling you to stop complaining, we’re telling you it’s time to make that complaining count. Get in contact with Trains from Hell today to find out if you could be owed train delay compensation!

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