Late for Work… Again?

Late for Work… Again?

The only thing worse than being late for work is being late for work due to public transport. We mean, at least you have some control over your arrival time when you are travelling independently. Most of the time, public transport delays are the cause of elements beyond our control too. Whether it be torrential weather conditions or breakdowns, we are quite literally helpless in what we are actually able to do in response. Of course, we can vent about it on social media but that doesn’t usually fix the problem in the long term.

The next problem usually revolves around coming face to face with your boss after being late for the third time this week, not to mention you know you’re skating on thin ice already. It’s bad enough the manager has her eyes on you 24/7 just waiting for you to make a sack-worthy mistake; you’re late…again.

After that fiasco, you quickly realise that you are regularly paying hard earned cash for the privilege of standing around in the cold for an hour before boarding an overcrowded form of transport, such as a train, and arriving late to your destination. Deep down, you know this isn’t on. If only there was another way…

Here at Train from Hell, we understand.

The last thing we want is commuters on train services to get fired in a way which feels like they’ve just ended a 5-week stint in The Apprentice; their boss point at finger at them whilst muttering the famous line like an interpretation of Alan Sugar.

It’s comforting to know that commuters can claim train delay compensation if their journey was delayed by 30 minutes or more. Get in contact with Trains from Hell to find out more!

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