Bullet Trains

Also known as Shinkansen trains, Japan’s bullet trains are like nothing before. We’ve heard so much about trains delays, it seems unrealistic to expect trains to actually be on time. These high speed trains are surprisingly reliable and Trains from Hell are excited to report 5 interesting facts about Japans Bullet Trains…

  1. The high speed trains can reach speeds of up to 320 km/hr which is equivalent to 200mph! That is an average of 75mph faster than Virgin trains. We’re starting to see why Japan’s public transport system is so desirable.


  1. The Shinkansen has a very impressive safety record. In its 51-year history, carrying nearly 10 billion passengers, there have been no passenger fatalities despite frequent earthquakes and typhoons.


  1. According to a report in 2012, the Shinkansen’s average delay from schedule was thirty-six This includes delays due to uncontrollable causes such as natural disasters.


  1. When a bullet train exits a tunnel at speeds approaching 200 mph, it sounds like a sonic boom. A large shockwave builds up in the tunnel and upon exit, the ‘tunnel-boom’ is so loud that the Japanese government had to install tunnel extensions to help make things quieter.


  1. In fact, a tunnel-boom is effective enough to blow over a freight train. Due to this, there are speed limits if there is the chance of a freight train passing because of the concern that it may be knocked off the tracks.

As amazing as Japan’s Bullet trains are, we can’t access them from the UK. Our daily life is filled with never ending Train Delays and rain. Have you ever ridden on a bullet train? Let us know!

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