Strangest Ever Train Delay Stories

The last thing you want at the end of a hard day at work is to be told that you aren’t getting home anytime soon.  We all now the familiar bing-bong of the train station’s intercom system, and it always seems to be followed by the words “we are currently experiencing delays…”

But why? It’s simply unbelievable for things to go wrong so frequently, and yet the number of train delays in the UK never seems to decrease. By now, we’d have expected the rail companies to have gotten their act together and come up with some sort of solution- but maybe it’s not as simple as that.

From leaves on the track to a train breaking down, we’ve all heard the usual excuses from the train companies, and we’re always left puffing out our cheeks in annoyance because there’s literally nothing else we can do. But sometimes there are reasons for delays that simply cannot be foreseen, and we’re going to run through some of the strangest causes of train delays in the past few years

  1. Back in 2013, a packed train was making its way from London Victoria to Maidstone East at rush hour. However, the train was delayed due to a baby girl being born on board. That’s right- in the middle of a train full of commuters trying to get home, a poor woman went into labour in front of everyone. Fortunately, a midwife and nurse were on hand to help out with the delivery. You just can’t make this stuff up, right?
  2. Burglars aren’t the brightest bunch in world, and this next story only proves that fact. A man named Carlton Andre infuriated travellers when he burgled a property and then attempted to flee the police by running down the railway line and then climbing up a tree. Andre stayed in the tree for over 17 hours, causing massive train disruption and costing rail companies almost £500,000. Whoops!
  3. “Sorry about the delays, but there is a giant clown on the tracks.” Not exactly what you’d want to hear on a Monday morning, but it’d be hard not to smile a little. A First Great Western train going from Cardiff to London was delayed due to an inflatable Ronald McDonald blowing off the roof of a nearby McDonalds and landing on the railway line. Sounds like an Unhappy Meal and those travellers definitely weren’t McLovin it.
  4. In 2009, poor commuters trying to get home for Christmas were delayed because the wrong type of snow had fallen. Wait, what? Eurostar blamed the delays on the fact that the snow was “lighter than normal, fluffier and the temperature inside the tunnel was higher than normal.” Here’s a newsflash for the guys at Eurostar- we get snow every single year, you should be able to deal with it!
  5. And finally, we can’t help but mention that infamous photo of the Halfords lorry stuck underneath a railway bridge. The orange vehicle famously displayed the slogan “we fit” on the back, and then proceeded to get itself stuck underneath a bridge because, well, it didn’t fit. This caused a load of delays and Halfords were forced to apologise for the incident.

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