Southern Are Reintroducing Some Cancelled Services

Southern Are Reintroducing Some Cancelled Services

Southern Are Reintroducing Some Cancelled Services

It looks like Southern Rail are at it again, and we can’t help but feel for their passengers. If you’re a regular visitor to our site, then you’ll know all about the ongoing saga of their train delays. If you’re new to Trains From Hell- well, luckily we’re going to give you a quick recap.

Basically, Southern Rail were experiencing a multitude of cancellations and train delays a few months back. They blamed this on “unprecedented” levels of staff sickness and absence, and it eventually led to Southern Rail introducing a reduced service in July. This meant that 341 daily train services were cancelled in a bid to create a more reliable railway service.

Obviously, commuters were less than impressed by this diabolical service, and the backlash was pretty severe. The RMT union planned a strike that didn’t go ahead, a lot of people lost their jobs, and some commuters were said to have been spotted on the platform, going red in the face and with steam literally pouring out of their ears. Put simply, it was all a bit of a nightmare.

Well, now it seems like Southern Rail are reversing their decision, even if they still aren’t in a position to resume a normal service just yet. The company have announced that just over a third of the cancelled services will be back in business from September 5th– that’s 119 out of the 341 that were scrapped.

Most of the reintroduced services are in London, and in fact all of the metro services in South London have been reinstated.

If you’re after even more good news, then Southern Rail have also stated that they plan to bring back more services in the next few weeks.

If you’ve fallen victim to the Southern train delays, then check out our Train Delay Compensation App to see if you are eligible for compensation.


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