Duel of the Delays…

Duel of the Delays…

Duel of the Delays

We’re not even one week into September yet, however the reasons for delayed trains are getting absurd as the month continues. Commuters today at Lewisham Station were held up after a police incident emerged.

It was later said that the holdup was caused by a toy sword sticking out of a passenger’s bag on a platform and causing commotion in which the police had to get involved with to ensure the safety of passengers and staff.

Despite the rail services making public apologies for the delays, commuters once again took to social media to voice their distress at the incident. One user posted “The reason my train is delayed is because of a toy plastic sword at Lewisham. Beat that Southern trains”.

A spokesman for the British Transport Police said that they received a phone call just before 7.50am, following reports of an individual with a sword. It was revealed that offices arrived and later discovered a child’s toy sword sticking out of a bag.

To add to the dismay, a signalling problem also meant that some trains were not stopping at London Bridge and commuters were not impressed with this reveal- as the new concourse had just opened one week ago. One passenger even tweeted the rail line saying “So I wait half an hour for a train in the rain… only to be told that it won’t stop at London Bridge, what a service”.

Some commuters even encountered a double dose of delays as reports say individuals were ‘turfed’ off at Lewisham only to face delays at London Bridge. What a morning!

Have you ever encountered delays with your train? Let us know and you could claim Train Delay Compensation for your troubles.


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