Crowd Control

Crowd Control

Crowd Control

There’s nothing worse than rushing your morning coffee in order to make it in time to catch your desired mode of transport on time and finding out there is major delays along your route. You’re left cold, cramped and incomplete without your headphones to waste the time away. Unfortunately, this horror story is reality for Southeastern commuters who are facing a second day of delays after a train broke down at a busy station on 1st September 2016.

Although Southeastern have apologised to travellers, unimpressed commuters have voiced their frustration on social media where one gentlemen tweeted a photograph of the crowded platform with the caption “Is this what I pay for?”.

As rail passengers abandoned their original mode of transport and opted for the London tube instead, the train delays sparked further disruption as the excess of people coupled with a newly discovered technical fault on the Jubilee line lead to a standstill at North Greenwich station.

In fact, the huge crowds of equally frustrated commuters forced Tube staff to put crowd control measures in place in ensure the safety of everyone trying to use the services available. North Greenwich gradually became topic of conversation on social media too as twitter users posted images of commuters squashed together like sardines in large crowds unable to move in any direction.

One commuter attempted to make light of the situation, tweeting “North Greenwich is at lockdown due to overcrowding. Boat to work it is” followed by a suitable emoji whilst a recent update claimed passengers should expect delays of roughly 90 minutes coming into London.

Trains From Hell

Did you get stuck within the chaos at both stations due to train delays? Let us know your experience and you can claim train delay compensation for the inconvenience!

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