Top 5 Absurd Reasons for Train Delays

Trains. They’re hard to keep track off. Here at Trains from Hell, we know all too much the stress caused by delayed trains, especially when it’s your morning commute to work that’s affected. We’ve collated together the top 5 wacky delay causes for your own personal amusement.

Strong Sunshine

Landslides, strong wides and snow are common weather conditions which cause delays however in January 2016, commuters at Lewisham Station were told the sun was the cause of their delays. Granted, we’re all about safety first at Trains from Hell however passengers were not so friendly; tweeting the rail service images of sunglasses on Twitter.


In July 2016, cows and sheep wondered onto a train line; causing delays to and from Newport. The wild life lingered along the tracks and were eventually moved, placing trains under caution for several hours. We wonder whether anyone asked if they just wanted to hop aboard…

Monkeying around

Two years ago in August 2014, a burglary suspect ran from the Police along rail lines, climbed up a tree and remained there for an impressive 17 hours; causing widespread Southeastern delays. That’s definitely a new one for the records.


Commuters heading towards London in August 2016 were faced with delays after the train hit a tree. Yes, this time it was the train getting one up on the tree!


In August 2016, trains running between Bournemouth, Dorset, and London Waterloo were halted when youth threw rocks, causing a window to smash and need replacing before services could continue. Although the delay was likely disruptive to commuters, passengers on board at the time hailed the announcer a legend for branding the vandals as ‘pond life with intellectual capacity of a flip flop’.

Have you experienced any ludicrous trains delays? Let us know and you could claim back your money!

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