Only pay for the service you receive

When you were a kid, riding the train was so exciting. Mainly because it was a novelty; something you didn’t do very often which was pretty much always associated with going on a trip. Whether you were going to the zoo, heading to Blackpool Pleasure Beach or going to the airport to jet set off abroad, the prospect of getting on the train filled your stomach with butterflies.

Fast forward fifteen years, when you’re commuting to work every day and the novelty of riding the train has completely worn off. It wouldn’t be so bad if the trains were reliable but when you use this form of transportation day in day out, it’s more of a surprise when your train is either on time, or actually running.

Just this morning, the Northern Rail Twitter feed was filled with train delays and cancellations – not ideal when you need to get to work on time, you have a meeting to attend or you need to be somewhere important for a specific time.



Being late is a massive inconvenience but more than that, you’re paying for a service that you’re not receiving. Trains are an expensive expenditure with people paying hundreds of pounds per month for the pleasure of riding the rails. If you were at a restaurant and your food wasn’t up to scratch, you wouldn’t be expected to pay; if you buy faulty goods from any kind of shop, you can go and exchange them or get a full refund – so why should you fork out your hard earned money for a train service that you haven’t received?

Well, did you know that there is such a thing called Train Delay Compensation that allows you to claim back some money if your train journey is either delayed or cancelled? Download the Train Delay App to easily claim compensation from the train companies.


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